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Hello, I just had a question concerning the music highlighted in Pixar's latest fantastic feat of imagination "The Incredibles". I wanted to know what song was being played while Bob was on the plane going to Nomanisan for the first time. It was the sequence where the henchman and Bob both give each other thumbs up as the henchman presses the button to load Bob into the deployment chamber, but then Bob won't load in (due to his huge gut) until the power of the loader is increased and he pops in. The song had a variance of the incredibles theme with lots of trumpet fanfare. Also, the second scene I am curious about is the one where Elastigirl turns herself into a small boat with Violet sitting on her, and Dash speeding along with his feet moving them forward.



I did check the soundtrack, but I still cant really get a specific song. Can anyone help me?

Can someone hopefully identify what the track was that was playing during the little special featurette on the DVD, "Jack Jack Attack"... Right when the munchkin catches fire for the first time.

I came here looking for the same thing! That was hilarious!
I've just been searching for this for somebody today, so I think it's 'Dies Irae' from Mozart's Requiem Mass - K.626

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Oh yes the Krays question, did that ever get solved in the end? I run a website (won't link as that's spamming) and I try and help people looking for classical in movies etc -- I got so many people ask about that one.

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The Krays question has indeed, finally, been answered by "blin38" ... It is a track called "Declemation" by a composer called Chris Payne. He, unfortunatly, worked for a sound production company, and it isn't available to the public. Some charming bloke got us a downloadable copy, but I'm not sure if its still there.