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This is really a longshot, but I remember watching this one comedy tv series show maybe a year ago about this nanny living in a huge mansion. She always wore sexy clothes and had her own little adventures with the other workers in the house. The owner was this really old guy who had no clue what was going on.

Anyway, all I can remember is that the theme song was either the same or almost the same as the Harry Belafonte - Shake, Shake Senora song.

If anyone could help me find the name of this show that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)
I believe the TV show is "The Help" starring Tori Spelling as the nanny... I think it was on the WB, which explains why it was cancelled after the first season (for those who wonder why the show even lasted THAT long... remember Tori Spelling's father is megaproducer Aaron Spelling). You're correct about the Harry Belafonte "Shake, Shake, Senora" song. It is also listed as "Jump in the Line" and is probably best known for its appearance at the end of the movie "Beetlejuice" where Lydia Deets (Winona Ryder) flies in front of a staircase with dancing ghost football players.

I hope this helps! :)
Wow that's the one! I had no clue even where to start looking since I didn't know where I saw it or who the actors were. As lame as the show was, I kinda liked it :p Thanks again!
No problem. And don't worry about it... we all have those guilty pleasure shows that we don't want anyone else to know we watch. I actually watched part of a "Surreal Life" marathon yesterday, because I loathe it and hate it and am disgusted by it so much that it intrigued me... Anyways, at first I thought you were talking about that nanny series with Fran Drescher. I was like, "I never realized that the theme song was a Harry Belafonte tune..." Hehe. Can't beat that Harry Belafonte music, especially "The Banana Boat Song."