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I remember hearing this song on a commercial before [Don't remember which commercial]. A clip of the song was played on "ET on MTV" or "ET on VH1" on July 24, 2005.

The only lyrics I remember hearing are "Yeah Yeah Yeah ... YuhYeah". It's a male voice, may be a rock song. The clip was played right before going to a new segment or a commercial. The same episode "ET on MTV/VH1" comes on again today playing that same clip.

I wish I could post a clip of that song from the show, but it's probably not allowed. Please watch the show and I am sure someone will know the name of this song. Thanks. Please help.
Since no one knows what the song is just by text, I recorded a very short sample of the melody. I know that someone will know this song, just unfortunate that the only lyrics I remember are all those yeah yeahs.

Please listen here:

[If this against the rules I will delete.]
Thanks so much! That is the exact song. I haven't heard it in forever :D