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I heard this song playing in the background on "Can I Come In?" on MTV. It's been played in the background on many shows before (MTV, VH1, etc.). The only lyrics I caught were "I seem to run with every fool in town"....and something like "I'm the kinda cat who always gets his girl" or something along those lines. And I think the chorus says something like "I wanna be your lover"....It was a guy singing, kind of an electronic-ish beat. Anyone know? Any help is appreciated. ;)
Umm is it Prince - "I wanna be your lover"

Wild guess but it sounds like what you described.
I think the chorus may have said "I just wanna be.....wanna be your lover"....or "I just wanna be....wanna be your number one"....or something along those lines.
Nope, Doesn't ring a bell.

Did you try a lyrics search on Google or Yahoo?
Yep, I tried a search on both of those and got nothing from either.....
I haven't been able to find anything either... This show you heard it on, I've never heard of it. Was it a special or a new series? Do you know if it's repeating anytime soon?
Scratch that... I just did a new lyric search and found the answer. :)

It's by Playgroup, song called "Number One." Link goes to available audio sample, track 1. Also a remix included on that album, but no sample.
Ahh, thanks Michelle! I have been looking for that song forever. :D