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Just in case anyone should be looking for the instrumental tune from The Hartford commercials ("Do you want your retirement fund to wind up HERE..... or HERE?") I figgered I'd post it since it took me like a hundred years to find out it was also on the soundtrack for "Pay It Forward" and I coulda just looked that way. It's called "Possibility" by Thomas Newman and I can promise even if you don't know what 'mercial I'm talking about you will most likely recognize the music. Very cool, sounds like xylophones and chimes and stuff. He's also the guy that does the theme song to "Six Feet Under" and did the soundtrack for "Amercian Beauty". :mrgreen:
Nice find :) I had just assumed this was the lead track from the American Beauty soundtrack (which I own). Newman has a distinctive style and I did peg this as a Newman-esque track when I originally heard it...just didn't do my homework. Actually thought it was the "Already Dead" track from AB. Leave it up to this forum to supply the straight scoop. 8)
You're right, once ya know his stuff it's hard NOT to recognize "Newman-esque" music, and it DOES sound like "Already Dead" which is what threw me off track for a while.. :wink:
An amazing artist, he is..
Glad to see someone else out there who knows his name cause my husband thinks I'm a big nerd for researching that particular topic as feverously as I did. :p
There are a couple of new ads on TV (usually aired on Bravo) for The Hartford Mutual Funds. The music sounds very familiar to me (is it "A Beautiful Mind"?), but I cannot put my finger on it. Any ideas?
i think it was in the pierce brosnan version of the thomas crowne affair... i've been looking too, i'll post again if i find anything.
I heard music that might be a use for me, it was from The Hartford Financial Services commercial. If I remember it played last night on National Geographic, but I might be mistaken. The commercial had these girls measuring themselves on the against a wall, and then marking their height on it. The commerical had music in the background. I forget how it goes. Has anyone seen this commercial? and What is the name of that song?

They should really credit music at the bottom of the screen, ... but what good would this site be if they did?
One of our other members asked that same question under a different listing. It is called "Possibility" and it is found on the soundtrack of Pay it Forward. I thought I had heard it from American Beauty or The Firm. I've spent 2 weeks trying to figure it out before I found this website. If you do a search under "hartford" you will find the other listings.
thanks alot mr. dascoot. and gene for finding my song title that i needed. ;)
HEYYY!! I just now saw this.. I'm not a mister! :lol:
:lol: you think the "melissa" in your sig would have tipped them off! ;)
Or, you know, the chick in my profile picture. :lol:
kind of reminds me of the time someone searched for and told you where the lyrics were from in your signature! that's classic! :lol:
LOL that's happened a couple times now. Ahh, bless em, they meant well. ;) :lol:

Or.. lol.. ok, when Kodos (I think it was Kodos) first found out I was a girl, I was like "Dude, didn't the name Melissa in my signature clue you in?" and he's like "Oh, I thought you were quoting someone named Melissa." Hee!! That was so cute..