The Bachelorette


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i dont know if any of you watch the bachelorette the final rose but there was this song that played right when the show ended. does anybody know the song?
i heard one song in e commerical.. it sounded a bit like coldplay- clocks.. like piano solo and stuff..

is that e one u talking about? hmm. im finding too!
does anyone know who does the little acoustic guitar musical bits on the show?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me the name of this beautiful piece of piano music that's from the last episode of The Bachelor from July 27?

Here's the video:

The piano piece starts at about 4:30, but the really good part begins at 5:23. Does anyone know the name of this piece? Please help! :)
Bachelorette - Ames Hometown Date

I am dying to know the song used during the kiss scene of the Bachelorette during Ames' hometown date. Please help!

Here is a youtube link of the episode. Skip to 12:30. Thanks!