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Andy Milanokis

the show's so stupid it's funny. anyway, the song plays when he's in the shower and he turns the MUSTARD knob. it's a rock song. thanks!
that show is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny i like the song he raps at the begining does any1 no the whole song though like hes goes im andy milanokis i got whipped cream in my gold locket and blonga in my pocket man thats funny :p
The song is like a remix of a Godzilla song called Main Title (From "Godzilla vs. Mothra"). You can hear a sample on iTunes, I wasn't sure how to put a link on here, or if I even could. If you play the sample for about 15 seconds on iTunes, it is the same music that is used in the Andy Milanokis Show, only in the show it had kind of like a rap beat to it. They play it on the show, pretty sure it was the first show, when Andy grows into a giant and he's looking over the city and blows fire out of his mouth. It may not be a real song, or maybe they just added in beats to the original song. Thanks to all that can help!!
I'm pretty sure he just wrote that for the show LOL yeah that old lady is funny :lol:
The name of the rock song during the mustard knob scene is "Shut Up" by Simple Plan.
What is that rap song when he uses the chopsticks to pick up a
fork to eat the chinese food

it goes like

" Ya'll gonna learn chinese (repeat) when this somethin somethins done
Ya'll gonna speak chinese"

if any knows it would be muy bueno
ah! shulda known that. just saw them in concert a week ago :lol:
Is it "Learn Chinese" by: Jin on the album The Rest is History? Just a guess, cause I don't know how the song goes. You can hear a sample on iTunes.
i rock peas on my head but dont call me a pea head
bees on my head but dont call me a bee head
bruce lee's on my head but dont call me a lee head
no please excuse me i gotsta get my tree fed

you wear name brands
and i make my own clothing
i hang out with an apple that loves self loathing
"i hate myself"
pancake on my face makes me extra happy
i like shampoo bottles that sit on my lappy

cuz its my show you cant tell me wat to do
wen life hands me lemons i make beef stew
so yo i gotta go its time for me to rock it
i put bologna in my left pocket
smear sum cream cheese in my gold locket

cuz its my show i'm andy milonakis
its my show i'm shmandy shmilonakis
its my show i'm andy milonakis

does anyone know the song they play in the 3 sec clip of when andy does the "you know what im sayin? segment and it sounds like a rap song that has kind of a scary beat to it and a male rapper guys says "Ghetto Fabolous baby"
There is a song that plays during the Dr. Curly slab of meat skit. Its a slow rap song that plays and has something along the lines of "hangin' with my boys" Thanks.