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The song played like 4 minutes into the show. The singer [male] was saying "Alright..." and such. Anyone know?
No, it's not that one. I have to watch and record that ep when I see it again.

Thanks though!
The 1st ep of The Assistant is supposed to air at 8:00 p.m Eastern on mtv. Press record. :D
hey i just saw it. it sounds so familiar...eeek. now i'm stumped :angry:
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! :lol: I found it, I replayed the tape again and made out the words "we've got it right, alright" and put the lyrics in the yahoo search. :ph34r: The song is "Mr. Jinx [We've Got It Right]" by Quarashi. They're an Icelandic rap/rock band that had that hit a few years ago, "Stick 'Em Up".

I think most of the song is rap, but the chorus is what we heard on Andy Dick.

Check here and click on the music link: Click
yay for you!! that was bugging me as well. i searched on google, and i guess yahoo wins on this one!!! :lol:
For anyone interested. The song played while Andy gave the contestants a house tour was "Walking With Thee" by Clinic.