Thank You For Smoking


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Here's a link to the trailer:

What are the songs in the middle (most of the trailer, starting precisely at the "Don't hide the truth" title card) and at the end (just after the "Thank you for smoking" title, what I can make out sounds like "[something something] and the truth is told")?

Thank you.
This song is played in this preview
for the move Thank You For Smoking. The song is played almost the whole way through the preview; it starts when you see the "Fox Searchlight Pictures" logo, it plays until they say, "Jerry McGuire meets Indiana Jones." "Right, on two packs a day." and then starts again when the display the name of the movie towards the end. There are lyrics in the song, and I can almost hear them when I play the preview, maybe somone can hear them better than I can though. Thanks for any help!
haha, thats pretty cool. i found it lol. its Eagles Of Death Metal-Flames Go Higher. not really enough time for ppl to help but thx anyways...
yeah, i did actually. it brought up like 95 pages or something... i was like, "um, no."
Looking for the name of the song in the trailers for the DVD, I think it's in both, but I know for a fact it's in the one where he does the "Jordan plays ball, Manson kills..etc" riff.