Tenchu Wrath of Heaven


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Another one thats been driving me up the wall. I couldn't get a direct link to the movie but its a short distance to it from my link.


You need to click on the Wrath of Heaven (PS2) version, and then click on the scroll on the left side of the screen that says see the winning ninja movies. From there, find the Official Trailer for Tenchu and the music I'm taliking about begins after Rikkimaru says, "I am Rikkimaru, I am a shadow," and leaps off a cliff.

From there its on to "Live by Honor, Kill by Stealth," and all else that happens. Its hard to miss what song I'm talking about.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help. :ph34r:
Okay, this is another one of those life long quests I've been on, so would you guys please take a few minutes (I know thats asking a little) and navigate to the trailer and find me the name of this song. I've been a long time fan of movie soundtracks and I've yet to figure this and two other songs out. This one is seriously breaking my balls though. Seriously.

No, seriously.
hey came across this by accident but i think i have your answer. It is the song "Born in Shadows...Die in Shadows" or the opening song for the game Wrath of Heaven hope this is the right song and you are still here