Telus "Punk Rules"


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aight, does any one no the song from that new telus commercial? i know i have heard it on the radio before and couldnt find it. on the commercial there is no lyrics just music but i know its the same song. and its the commercial that says "punk rules." and then says that you get a free mp3 player with some kinda purchase of something....can anyone help me? :blink:
hmmm no, but thanks for tryin to help me. those were both from older ones, the one i am thinkin of i just saw on tv for the first time.
wow my first post ever
never done this before

ok, if it was with those friggin small ponies in the commercial, i think that tune you heard was "Blitzkrieg Bop" by The Ramones. That song can be found on one of their albums. I don' t know which one, cause i ain't a fan of them

btw, telus adsl is the pits
hope that helps
If that's the correct song, you can hear an audio sample of it here, track 1.
hey, thanks for that. i would have never found it. only thing was it was a diff band. same song though. so yah, thanks
mmmm... now i remember that commercial. the song is indeed blitzkrieg bop, but its a cover by die toten hosen and joey ramone