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    Telus "Change It Up" lovebird

    I am looking for the song from the new telus commercial with the love bird changing his partner... some of the lyrics are, "If it's not what you want, then change it. ....if it's losing it's lust don't take it.... out with the old old old." Love that song, but I cannot find it! AH!
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    Telus "Your status is EPIC!"

    K so I was at the theatre (In Toronto) watching the Owls of Gahoole around when it first came out I think. Then there was this ad during the movie for Telus, and it started like "bu-bu-bu-bu-bu" and it stuttered that for some time... It also had a green lizard (I think) on that. Can someone tell...
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    Telus Goat

    Here's the link to a telus commercial that is shown in Quebec. I don't think it's a french song, but I can't find what it is. Hoping to find what that song is. thanks
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    Telus bamboo rocks lizard

    Hi, i've been searching for days trying to find this song, I'm not sure if it is a song or just a one off clip they did for the ad. It has soft music playing and a woman singing notes (no lyrics). It starts off with a bamboo plant then clips to three rocks (on top of each other like a cairn) and...
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    Greetings to all. Just saw a new Telus commercial on TV (up here in Canada). Haven't seen (or heard) it before. It had some sort of psuedo-electronic track in it, there wasn't any lyrics I could make out. Unfortunately the only thing I remember was that the camera was panning "very slowly"...
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    Telus "Uptime"

    There is this new TELUS commercial and I LOVE the song on it, but I have no idea what the song is. Its one of the ones with the meerkat in it from either May or April (2009).. it's driving me insane !! So yea any ideas on what the song would be??
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    There's a song in the new telus ad and it's a girl singing the lyrics: i'm the sugar you're the spice yeah we fit, we fit real nice you're the singer, i'm the song .... something, something... we get along ...or something along those lines. it's kindof got a techno-ish beat too can anybody help?
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    Telus fish

    It has fish and the one checks "Pick up lines" in the box of options then the other fishes boyfriend comes out. Can't find a video of it ANYWHERE but i managed to get these lyrics. "i got a thing for you, apparantly your boyfriend does too" Hopefully someone else has a link to the video or...
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    Telus Mobility "Got that song in your head?"

    Telus Mobility "Got that song in your head?" Just incase anyone's wondering the music from the new Telus commercial where the parrot ruffles it's feathers and the song quality gets better etc etc. It's called Martell by The Cribs. Great song, check em out.
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    I think it's a track from the 70's but I can't place it.
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    Telus "Punk Rules"

    aight, does any one no the song from that new telus commercial? i know i have heard it on the radio before and couldnt find it. on the commercial there is no lyrics just music but i know its the same song. and its the commercial that says "punk rules." and then says that you get a free mp3...