Telus Commercial?


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Saw a Telus Commercial this evening. It had a piglet running about along with some other critters. Only caught the end of it, but heard the tune, and oldies one.

Sounds like a James Brown or something. Had the classic trumpets going and they way "Don't Go" "Im Home..." something that rhymes like that and repeated a few times. I know I used to know who did that! :)
Is it perhaps "Ain't Misbehavin'"? I've seen Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Perry Como versions besides Fats Waller.. but that may be older than you're looking for.
Thanks for the reply, but that is not the one.

I saw it again today (right after my mystery Orange Honda commercial rap song) and listened a bit more closely.

Here are the results of my scrutiny on the lyrics...

"hold on...Im coming" (I think)

Dont forget the trumpets...I will hazard an attempt to duplicate it...

(Cheesy alert!!! Cheesy Alert!!) :unsure:

"Duna dun dun do da Duna dun do da da"

At the beginning they will say "hold on" and Closely in between the last 'da' and second 'Duna' is found the 'Im coming' bit. It is repeated thusly a few times. (Im assuming this is the chorus of my mystery song)

Thanks again for the help! :)

Btw...why do I like oldies and rap enough to endeavor so hard to find titles?? hehe :huh:
Hadn't seen it myself but a friend had and asked me about it. Got in touch with Telus, shockingly enough the song is "Hold On I'm Coming" by the great soul duo Sam & Dave (Sam Moore & Dave Prater).
That one should've been easy!
Arg...could have saved the trouble had I checked here first.

Today I found it, and came here to share the good news...

Guess what?? :lol: Its Sam and Dave "Hold On! I'm Comin' "

Thanks tho! :) You guys rock!

p.s. I wrote Telus last week but they didnt reply... <_<