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Have you seen the Target Bazaar commercial with the big Elephant? What is the music playing? It takes me way back to some other time in my life, but I can't pinpoint anyone?
Can you describe the song? Any lyrics? Vocals? Genre?
You can see the ad if you go to Scroll down on the main page (almost to the bottom) and you'll see the elephant with a 'watch the TV ad.' the music reminds me just a bit of Deep Forest, but I looked for audio clips of their stuff and came up with nothing. I also considered some old Teardrop Explodes stuff, but I've had trouble finding a decent selection of audio clips to listen to. There aren't any lyrics, but it has a steady base line, and some jungly (is that a word?) sounds with it and then a guitar starts up when the talking starts. I swear I know it from somewhere! Isn't that frustrating?
I just know that this isn't an original song done just for Target's commercial. But, it may be hard for me to track it down. I'm just hoping someone out there will recognize it as well.
There's a member on here who works for Target Corporate -- I'll try to track him down and see if he has any info.
HELP!!! I'm hooked on this new song. Its a commercial for a promotion for something, anyways, there is like a donkey and an elephant packing boxes and stuff.
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You can find "Junebug" on The B-52's album "Cosmic Thing." Audio sample available here, track 5. Also available for download from .
Okay...I should have checked here first, although I am please to say that I got an email back from with the song title. I KNEW I knew what it was. Geez that's frustrating, isn't it? Thanks a bunch guys. This website is cool and I'm glad that I know where to come now when another one of those ads gets my brain.