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Its the one that you see all of the butlers and maids from different shows like Brady Bunch, Fresh Prince, and Will & Grace. The lyrics are "call me irresponsible, call me unreliable...." sounds like frank sinatra.
I haven't seen it, but Frank did do a version of the song "Call Me Irresponsible" (not sure if anyone else has covered it though), so my guess is that you've got it right.
I was about to post to ask. This song has been covered many times before, and although it sounds similar to Frank, I'm not sure if it is. Anyone know from what album?
Wow, that's asking a lot.
You can view this particular ad at the Swiffer Website. Under "Swiffer Dusters" and it's over in the right side column.
To find all the albums that Sinatra (or any other artist) sang "Call Me Irresponsible" / go to allmusic.com / punch in "call me irresponsible" in the song search category / and scroll down to Frank Sinatra / then click on the 7 albums the song was put on. Hope this helps...
According to allmusic.com Bobby Darin sang "call me irresponsible" on 18 different albums. Check it out.
I think that the particular version of 'Call Me Irresponsible' used in the swiffer commercial was performed by Casa Musica (and it can be found on their Greatest Hits album).

You can also download it off Kazaa. :p
I recall seeing a commercial for the Swiffer Wet Jet awhile ago, which played the "Whip It" song by Devo. I cant remember if the actual words from the song are being used or if the words are changed to suit the swiffer commercial better. If they did change the words, does anyone know what they are? Thanks
They changed the words to something like "When a problem comes along, you can swiff it...swiff it...swiff it good..."