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The commercial is for laundry detergent, and it has that Snuggle bear in it. In the commercial, there's a woman diving into a pool, and then she gets out and takes a towel from the bear. In the background, there's a male voice singing "You're the apple of my eye," with a really slow tune--and it sounds a lot like Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin or something! I can't find it anywhere :( Any ideas?
No suggestions on what the song might be, but I bet the name of the song is "Apple of my eye." You can also go to google and type in the lyrics you heard with Parenthesis around them "..............." and check to see if it sounds like what you heard.
No, this is a very old style of song, something you would have heard playing on and old phonograph player during the Depression or pre-WW2. I would really like to know this too. And nah, this isn't Frank Sinatra or anything like that. They all had bands playing behind them, this is just a piano, double bass, maybe a jazz guitar.

I've found the commercial on a few pay sites, it's named 'Snuggle - Poolside' apparently. I'll update as I search.
I'm lookin for that song as well.....the only lyrics I got from it, were "You're the flame in my heart....the apple of my eye....the sun up in the sky", if that helps? Hopefully someone knows! I'll keep far, no luck though!
Well kids...
I hate to rain on your parade, but click here. Looking at the credits at the bottom of the article, it looks like it was made just for the commercial.

Production Company
Andrew Bloch/Human
Eugene Rufallo
Audio Mixer
Rex Recker/audioEngine