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Does anybody know the song that is playing in that sunlight commerical where the kid is playing in a tree? The tune goes something like " cause your the apple of my eye" It's driving me crazy!!!
Hey, just letting everybody know that I e-mailed the people at sunlight and the song they used for this commercial was done through contract work. They didn't say who it was that sang the song, but they said it wasn't available as a recording anywhere else. Dissapointing, because it is a catchy song, but oh well!
Man, that's really too bad! It's such a catchy song. So if it was made under contract does that mean sunlight owns the song then? Let's hope it gets released commercially anyway.
I think this might be a Canadian commercial, but there's some kid trying to jump and get a shoe from a tree while standing in mud, while two girls stand by. The song is pretty indie pop and goes "you are the apple of my eye".
Stevie Wonder? "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life?"
No, it's much more contemporary than that. I think it might have had an acoustic guitar.
does anyone know the name of the song in the new Tide commercial where the two kids are tryin to get the other kids sock and the other girl is just jellin there with her dog watchin to make sure they mess up lol its like " i dont need ice cream i dont need pie because your the apple of my eye" sumpthin like that...its not cool or groovy just kinda catchy...any thoughts? <_<
I know this is a bit of a boot, but I finally saw the commercial again, I was a bit mistaken, this is a commercial for SUNLIGHT detergent, and not Cheer. It starts with a bunch of oo-oo-ooing, and I also got the rest of the lyrics:

"I don't need ice cream, I don't need pie, cause you're the apple of my eye."

Any help is appreciated.
This song is making me crazy!! Usually I can find a song with just a snippet of the lyrics but this one is impossible. I am in Canada and have seen the commercial often but I'm not sure on which station...had to be TBS, TLC or A&E.
Re: Sunlight detergent ad

Oh boy!

Am I outdated???

1) Yes there is some acoustic guitar on this tune

2) Do do, do do do do do...
I dont need no ice cream
Dont need no pie
Cos you're the apple of my eye!

3) Think i've got a copy of this ad somewhere on VHS (remember those?) If I find it, i'll post it on youtube!