Summer Camp

Well, if you find the right one, its the greatest 2 months of your life.
Maybe, but don't people stop going to camp when they're like 10?
No, actually at my camp you become a CIT for 2 yrs at 16. Then you can become a counselor when your 18 (People who weren't CITs for 2 yrs become counselors at 19). I'm talking about sleepaway camp just so you know. And no, ten years old is when most kids start going to sleepaway.
Yeah I knew you meant sleep away camp. ;) Any other kind is just VBS or summer school or something.

Where do you live?
Originally posted by dascoot@Oct 17 2005, 06:52 PM
Where do you live?
:eek: STALKER!

Don't tell her.. she'll rob your fridge of all the ice cream and chocolate you own and leave behind a note to get more that will self destruct after you read it. :ph34r:
New Jersey is a pretty big place. Telling someone you live in NJ doesn't give someone a good idea of where you live. :p
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I've never been to camp.
Neither have I. All the cool people stay home during the summer time. ;)
No honey that's the losers. The cool people can't remember summer :p
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Anthony gonna beat you up now.
*I soooo kicks space cadets ass fashionably late because i missed this thread*