Subway "Greatest Contest Ever Contest"

Anyone know the song in the commercial? Help is appreciated.
Bump! Really want to hear this song again. I don't think I see it on tv anymore though :(
Bump again. I've seen the commercial multiple times since I posted. It's still out there.
i just saw the commercial again during phenomenom and at one point there's an mp3 player on the right side floating down. it might be a long shot but if someone could zoom in or something b/c it looks like the mp3 player is showing on the front what's its playing.
well it says if you go to the link that the tune is by Of Montreal frontman, Kevin Barnes. so now we have the artist but still need the song title.
Originally posted by subway
Well, it's a Kevin Barnes original. The Of Montreal frontman created the track just for us.

I guess this means there's no official song for this...thanks miffy for pointing out the ringtone. I'll settle with this clip.