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hey i've been looking eveywhere to find the song from substitute 2 when the black student was playing his stereo and the teacher throws it out the window-that song, please help find it!
Your hunch is right; it's by Kool Keith. It's called "Mommy", and it's from the Cenobites LP that he did with Godfather Don.

I was searching for that song, too, for a while. I finally found it a few months ago. I really liked the beat. It's kinda hard to find, but you can listen to it on the Fondle 'Em Records web site, here:
No problem. Like I said, I was after that song myself for a while. B)
Re: song from the substitute 2

Hi everyone. Please excuse me if I bring this ancient thread up, but my question also relates to the soundtrack and I don't want to open a new topic if there is already a thread about it.

Please, who can help. I'm looking for a song that can be heard when Williams goes up the stairs towards the security guard and shows his ID. The song also runs last in the end credits.

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The part in the film starts at 19:11 and in the credits from 1:27:48 (always after Living in Brooklyn from Soothsayer)
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ok, although there is no download option, the link was removed anyway. Sorry about that.