Stupid Videos

hmm.. sorry, i can't make out much besides hollering and noise really.
was that the Rocky theme? it sounded like it for the couple instances that you heard music
I know it's pretty noisy but you can definetaly pick out the main melody that's being played. It's stuck in my head too now lol
i've been looking for this for ages. I once heard it at a latin influenced club.

If anyone knows please let us know

stamba de something its a techno song and as a matter of fact has a game named affter it for the dream cast so if ya cant find any thing under that just look for old dream cast games
Well I couldn't find "Stamba" on any DL program, I Googled it ... no good results, I looked up Stamba for Dremcast ... no good results either.

MAYBE you meant "Samba" ? I'm looking that up right now 'cause I'm going to bed very soon anyways .... I did find Samba de Amigo? lol

let me know when you figure out more. but thanks a lot though! ;)
ooops no T lol its Samba De Amigo that son is so old i remember going threw hell to find that song to lol back b4 i found out it was on a eruopian game lol ddr and the dream cast game Samba De Amigo lol man was i mad when i was watching tv and saw the song had its own game :ph34r:

but if your looking for it on a dl program try bellini sama de Janeiro
^Thanks! yeah that's it. Thanks a lot

It's actualy worse than I thought! hahaha lol. Ah well