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If anyone has seen the commercial for the Starfox Adventures, I know its kinda old, but if you have seen it, it has also been used in the Band of Brothers DVD commercial as well as a commercial for a tennis championship on TNT, I need to KNOW. I have been going crazy for almost a year now trying to find the name out. PLEASE!
Please don't start a new topic on an already existing one. I've merged the two topics together.

As far as the link... That's a pretty huge file to download (at 22 MB)... Have you got any smaller versions? And, non-subscribtion based. I've tried searching for a replacement and can't find anything yet...

In the meantime, what kind of music is in the ad? I have seen the BAND OF BROTHERS DVD ad, but not recently and can't place the music...
I'm sorry, I can't find a smaller one. It sounds like japanese opera. I guess. It could be english, i can't tell :unsure: It is defenitly operaish though
Originally posted by JesterJJZ@Aug 31 2004, 09:20 PM
I'm looking for the same thing. Used in last year's E3 Starfox Adventures trailer, the Band of Brothers DVD commercial and today I just heard it in a UsOpen commercial.
This US Open ad?
no, the commercial was on NBC and highlighting certain players ending with "They're all Coming" The song is along the lines of Ofortuna/Carmina Burana/Gothic Power. Been looking for a long time time. The commercial made my try again.

Hmm, nice song. Don't know it though. I'm not very good with operas... :unsure:
I just got this reply from Nintendo about the song in question.

"Hi there,

While you have a great question, we generally do not have the details regarding the music that is used in our commercials or trailers. We do, however, appreciate your interest and curiosity.


Nintendo of America, Inc.
Lauren Taylor"

This is impossible.
I'm going to try posting the link at a Classical Music forum. There must be one. Anyone know of one? I'm sure I can find one if not.

Alternately, someone could email the link to a local classical music station. They might be nice and identify it for you.
I am getting good responses at the Classical music Forum. While no one can outright identify it, the best current thinking is that it is an original composition done in the style of Carl Orff's "O Fortuna" which is from "Carmina Burana". Whatever the case, if you like this music you will definately like a recording of "Carmina Burana".
It is my understanding that there are a number of modern day composers that have copied Carl Orff. Meaning that they have a musical piece that sounds a little too close to Orff's famous 'O Fortuna'. One of them being James Horner who wrote the "Glory" soundtrack. Many people thought that the track 'Charging Fort Wagner' was very reminiscent of Orff.

And closer yet was Eric Serra who composed the soundtrack to 'The Messenger; The Story of Joan of Arc' starring Milla Jovovich. That track was called 'Angelus in Medio Ignis.'

But the track that is linked in here is definitely not from Glory. I'm looking into the Eric Serra version to see if it is a match.

If it isn't Serra, than I have no idea right now. Cool track though.
I have Serra's 'The Messenger; The Story of Joan of Arc' score, the track 'Angelus in Medio Ignis' is not what Nano is looking for.
Originally posted by xsystus@Sep 27 2004, 01:52 PM
I have Serra's 'The Messenger; The Story of Joan of Arc' score, the track 'Angelus in Medio Ignis' is not what Nano is looking for.
Damn...I was hoping that I found the mystery track. :D

That Joan of Arc track is pretty cool though.

Maybe the Starfox track was made by a media production company.
:D :lol:

Indeed the joan of arc track is very cool (infact i like the whole score)

and i agree that starfox track might be creation of a media production company
Well I already have Carmina Burana. But I really want this one. True it could be made by a music company but I have reason to believe it was not. Along with the Starfox Trailer, Nintendo also released a Zelda trailer featuring similar music. I found that music to be from Conan the Barbarian by Basil Polidouris. To me it seems as though the trailers we made by the same people. Call it a hunch but I know this track is out there. I'm thinking it might be part of a score to an older film.
Interesting. Maybe someone could ask Nintendo for the name of the production company and an email could be sent to THEM. THEY might know and respond.
I just heard it on a show called "King Solomon's Tablet" on the National geo channel. This has to be out there somewhere, I can't believe those classical music forum guys don't have it.