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Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone has seen the new psp commercial for Canada. It features a psp moving along a track and it goes past the cn tower at some point. Anyway, the music has a bit of hip hop to it with some sort of asian influence to it. Hope to hear back soon, thanks everyone.
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yeah man! looking for that song too...can't even find the ad anywhere on the net...

A lil more description: it shows a how a psp is traveling trhough from east coast to west coast...dundas square, banff were few of them...and this really catchy tune that starts with retro asian tune and evolves into this hiphop music...very catchy...
Hey dudes, I found this track.. This is "Sleepyhead" by Passion Pit..

Enjoy! :)
Hey dudes, I found this track.. This is "Sleepyhead" by Passion Pit..



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PSP Commercial Song


I'm wondering if any of you know of the newest PSP commercial song. The background is white and a lot of grey figures pop up and fade into other things. It sounds like it's sang by someone with a REALLY high voice too. Hope someone knows!

hey im new to this site. anyway i was just wandering if anyone has seen the new psp commercial and knows what song it is.

haha sorry should have been more specific.

its the one where the camera is moving down a sort of rollar coaster road in a black and white animation. while passing names of cities.

the singer is male im pretty sure. with a high pitch voice.

the songs is alternative with a hint of techno. its something sort of along the lines of MGMT. with a fast beat.

i couldnt find anything on youtube
This PSP Canada commercial?
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there is a nintendo wii commercial that has been playing on "the Score" a canadian sports network and i haven;t been able to get any answers anywhere about the music . the commercial itself is set out as if you are on a roller coaster type thing viewing screens of different games. if anyone can find me the song name for this i would be extremely grateful