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Hello. I've got a pretty tough one here, so let's see what we can do with it. :)
I've been trying to find out the name of the song playing in this trailer for SSX Tricky. The thing is, this trailer was homemade, so contacting EA won't help. What's worse is that I have talked to the person who made this trailer, the media director of, and they don't know either (he got it from some other source which has since been forgotten)!
Googling what I can make out of the minimal lyrics doesn't turn up anything useful, so I'm counting on musical knowledge. Any help at all would be massively appreciated. Thank you very much!

Here's the links again:
Windows Media
Wow, that sure is a tough one. I would also really like to find that song myself. I'll try asking some other music forums, and I'll keep track of this thread.
Are you talking about the song that is in the trailer? posted in the link above.
Im gonna be honest here, I didnt watch the trailer :p .

I just think I knwo the song.

Ill listen to it now
Yeah, don't worry about it, Redking. Thank you for trying. :D

Hopefully someone will know it someday. :)
i got hooked on this song when i initially tried to ID it, but upon inquiry at, member cc ricers has found the full length song. still no name for it, but you can't complain with what you've got :)

i suppose you could email the studio and ask what song it is, but i'm too lazy to do so :)
Holy Cow, chepfaust you are the coolest. I thought we were never going to find it.