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Hey everyone-

I was just wondering if anyone knew this one song they play during football games to pump people up. It's techno-ey, ad everyone sings to it using 'oh'. I dunno, kinda hard to explain, but if someone can help me out, that would be great.
This isnt exactly from a commercial or anything, but it is played alot before college bball games and stuff(by pep band) ill "sing" it for you

oooooa o o ooooooa o o oooOOooo o o oo

theres no words, just whats above pretty much any ideas?
Yes, it's probably Zombie Nation, a song called Kernkraft 400. Lemme know if that sounds right... :)
That'd be it! thanks lots,,, i must say i am truly impressed with the vast knowledge of the many members.
Any time! That question has actually been asked here a few times, but it's kind of hard to search for that. (keyword: ooooa ooo o o o???) ;)