Spank The Monkey -- Answered


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Song got stuck in my head since the first time Ive herd it....

so exactly what IS the song that plays when you manage to spank the monkey at over 200 MPH... if you cant manage to get it over 200 to hear it there is a "cheat" way to getting it every time so if it comes to anyone asking ill tell you how to get it...

in the meantime post your record just for the fun of it B)
mine is 848... any non believers I got proof if you ask for it too ;)
I think you can also say the version that they used was the original 70's hit.

Chic - Goodtimes.

But I it sounds like they cross breeded both songs beacause Goodtimes doesn't have the bass guitar solo like in rappers delight, although rappers delight doesn't have the vocals "goodtimes" in it. :huh: