Spaceman/Racial Harmony PSA


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I was thinking recently about a public service announcement I saw on TV a long time ago. It was a song about an alien who comes to earth and is disrespected based on his appearance/species, even though he is peaceful and intelligent. I remembered that he said something about being from a far away planet you wouldn't know, and that part of the lyrics parodied Michael Jackson's "Black Or White." Honestly, I thought this was such an obscure question that I wasn't even going to post it here, but I managed to Google my way out of it, so here's the answer, if anyone else was wondering.

"The Ballad Of Gordon" by the Barenaked Ladies aired on Fox around 1992. I don't think it was ever sold commercially, but you can find the entire song on RetroJunk and YouTube, and probably other places too. It is a catchy tune - and you might say that its message is even more relevant today than it was when it first aired, although that sounds kind of cheeseball to me. :)

Was anyone else wondering about this? Or does anyone else even remember it or like it?