Sounds Like Album Leaf or Explosions In The Sky...


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Does Any One Know Any Bands That Sound Like The Following Bands If You Do Can You Answer My Post.... Please..

Explosions In The Sky
The Notwist
Album Leaf
Sigur Ros
Death Cab For Cutie

If you're going for that general feel, I'll tell you some of my favorites, and some of these may be obvious, but hopefully you'll get at least one new one out of here. I'll try not to list too many!!
Jon Brion
Trashcan Sinatras
Snow Patrol
The Shins
Elliot Smith
Ben Davis
Rogue Wave
The Postal Service
Modest Mouse
Julee Cruise
The Stranglers
Jens Lekman
This Mortal Coil has some cool stuff but it may be darker than you want
and there's an album stainless- ethereal female vocals with some great ambient tracks- by various groups(like Mauve Sideshow and Angel Provacateur- but it's hard to find. You can see I stuck with mostly indie type stuff. I was going down one of my iTunes playlists. I think you can find most of these on there. I tried to stick with the ones I think I got there. Hope you find at least one new one you like. BTW thanks for your question I got a couple new groups from you!! :D
PS this is me not listing too many lol :lol:
That Stainless album is on the Ventricle label, and I'd definitely listen first if you can. I like it, but it's different, you know?
Postal Service
French Kicks
The Stills
New Order
The Walkmen
The Arcade Fire
Bloc Party
Thanx I will try some and hopefully I will like at least one.
Hey I should've posted this b4, but anyway...
I don't know if you know about this site or not, but you get free legal downloads, some artists are known and some are not, but that's fun too if you're like me. Just look into the Indie genre section and try out some new bands. You can do that randomly or go by top downloads, or editor's picks!
Anyway some of those we listed are on here, even if it's only one song. I know Bloc Party, Stereophonics, Trashcan Sinatras, Postal Service, The Shins, Rogue Wave, and Hot Hot Heat were all on there, last I looked. ALso some stuff is stream only, like New Order.
Thanx Seren8 and if you need some names of other cool bands just let me know i got tons of other bands I listen to..
That would be great, I always like finding new music to love! Probably why I have so much music...

I will have to check out those two myself, I hadn't heard of them!
Thanx Seren8 The Stranglers were pretty cool if you like coldplay you should listen to a band named pilate they :p have some pretty cool songs I hope you enjoy.
I looked for Pilate on iTunes, but they don't have them, guess I'll have to look elsewhere.
I also checked out the site, and that's very cool, how you can enter a band you like and find others.

here's some more I thought of, if u r still looking??

the decemberists
Joshua Radin
the Dears
The Brian Jonestown Massacre
trespassers william
The Appleseed Cast
John Beaton
early day miners

Those last six I think I found on that free site, so I don't know if they are available commercially yet, but you can get what they have onsite there if you are interested. The others I probably got all on iTunes. Though Spokane does have a couple songs on, too. Antimateria doesn't really fit in this group, but they're just fun to listen to.
I looked for The Boy Least Likely To & Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! on iTunes and didn't find them either, so I'll look around.
the decemberists are amazing. athlete, i don't like the music so much because it sounds like randy newman-ish (the singing)
I'll second what you said about the Decemberists. I was fairly undecided about Athlete, but then I saw them support Snow Patrol, and they put on a killer show. (Both of them did, in fact.)

Kind of surprised no-one's mentioned them yet, but I love love love the New Pornographers... need to pick up the new one, actually:

Seren8: I originally found links to The Boy Least Likely To and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!'s stuff on the Hype Machine, so you may want to search there:

It's a pretty sweet site anyway; well worth your time.
Originally posted by brittneya@Aug 19 2005, 12:54 PM
Also try...

The Boy Least Likely To
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!

Both fun bands
I found Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah at a used cd store yesterday and i can't stop listening to it. it is such a summer cd, too bad i didn't get this earlier in the summer...but i will listen to this the whole year. thnx for this. now, i have to look for boy least likely to. :ph34r:
Let's see here....
Grateful Dead
Simon and Garfunkel
Bob Dylan
Leftover Salmon