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Hi All,

I have been looking for the background music from this clip that is on sonys website: (need real player to view)

It goes like this: (sung by one man):

I love to love you
love to give it all to you
i love to love you
i love to give myself to you
i live to love you
i live to give it all to you
i live to love you

If anyone can tell me what this artist / song is I will be more than happy to reward them.

Thanks heaps
It would appear to be a song called 'Love to Love You' by a band called dreamlab.

I think this may be a Japanese band but can't find any further details (my Japanese is sadly limited!)

Hope this helps.
Hey dude, I've spent at least 6 hours on the net just searching all over the web to find out more info about the song. I've tried to find out if you can Buy the CD, D/L the song. Whatever. Nothing. But It is a song by a band called Dreamlab and it's called Love To Love You. I've looked at japanese webpages, american ones... and possibly any other kind I could find. And zip... Nada. So if you ever find out were I can get it or whatever. Please.... Do let me know. I can't get the song out of my head since the first time I heard it. Amazingly enough, it also captivated me. And like what people have said... If you hear a song more than 10 times and you still like it... it's a hit, right? Well I've heard it like 20 and still like it. Sony's got a hit on thier hands. They should really capitalize on it.

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hey man - i'm pretty determined about this song, too. did you have any success? sorry to steal your thunder if you might have - i know what that feels like (finially finding a song after spending days searching for it) but i'm just asking cuz it IS a great song. thanks in advance!

Well it's been about 4 months, and still nothing. I haven't heard anything about the song coming out on CD, or even finding it on the web on P2P search engines. I've tried pretty much every type of resource available minus going to japan and talking to the president and chairman to burn me a personal copy of the song. *sigh* i think it's just gonna stay a clip that sony made for that comercial and go away. Sadly probably like the BOEING techno song "To The Top". It's really sad too, cause those songs are killer tight. Well, if one of you guys that might be a EXEC and read this, COMON MAN! HOOK US ALL UP! WE WANT THESE SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just a follow up to my previous post today about the song.

eko & halo, the duo behind Dreamlab, responded to my inquiry I had today about their work and said their 6 track EP featuring the song we've all been searching for, Love To Love You, is available for purchase here:

In between producing through out 2005, eko & halo managed to squeeze in some time for themselves to finish up their new LP featuring 13 songs!! More details on this to come via their official website at

I think this find certainly closes the door on what has become a year long search!

PS. 2 minute clips to each of their songs including 'Love To Love You' is available at CDBaby for previewing! or you can check out full streaming versions at

Hi all...

glad to see you found your way to Dreamlab. My name's Kris and I'm the guy who did the Sony commercials. They were shot in Sydney, Australia and edited here too. The director asked me for some cool music and I gave him dreamlab. He bought like 6 copies on the spot and we ended up putting Love To Love You in two spots for the Qrio campaign.

I've just sent more cd's to cdbaby, these might be the last of the EP before the full length album comes out.

Make sure you check them out at



Awesome! I just picked up a copy at CDBaby -- It came in just today!

Looking forward to the new album!

OHH MY F&*KING GOD (FORGIVE ME OHH LORD). BUT FINALLY! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! The light has shun down upon me. I have'nt been up to date. I checked on here like 2 months ago to see if there was any progress, and nothing. And tonight, I don't know what made me come on here just to peek and see if "hey, maybe something popped up". But i was so skeptical, and when i checked and I saw what I saw, I gotta say I jumped out my seat and did a back flip. First off, I wanna say "About freaking time". And to the dude that was the producer or whatever the one that created the video, shame on you for not coming on here sooner and saying something. I mean seriously dude, your an ass. LOL. But i'm just kidding. Dude, I'm so happy. It's about time. I'm so looking forward to the LP. I'll def buy it. I know i'll just buy it for that one song, but hope the rest are worth the price of the CD. Wohoo!!!!! finally a mystery has been solved and i can close the chapter on this dilema that's been haunting me for over a year. I can finally stop riding the NYC subway and wondering "hmm.... the only place I can hear that song is in my head". But now I'll add it to the Ipod and def. never worry about it. WOHOO!!!!! HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE!

P.S. I added them as a myspace friend too under the name <---- My myspace site
Hey Evan-

Ohh one more thing. I find it so strange, that it's almost incredible. But I was checking the days that you first responded to my post, and it was a year to the day, and almost the hour that you put your first post up and replied from the one I put up Evan. And then crazy enough, i saw that you came on today, and I did too. LOL. Ok, maybe i'm reading way too much into it, but seriously... it's kinda freaky. Must be fate! :rolleyes:
i just listened to the full version on their site, it sounds strikingly similar to the song Must Be Dreaming by Frou Frou......