song from cheech and chong up in smoke

need help

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ok i would like the name of the song that is playing while they are driving on the highway in the weed van. thanks!
Can you describe the song? Any lyrics? Male/female vocals? Genre?
no lyrics (from the part that was in the movie at least) kind of classic rock feel to it. just nice guitar goin' thats about all i can describe :D
The name of the song is "Turn That Thing Down" it is the flip side of "Earache My Eye" 7in single. The song "Earache My Eye" is on the soundtrack and is the same song, but has lyrics and then spoken words (and is the funnest novility record of all time, IMOA). The music is credited to Alice Bowie, a fake name I'm sure. follow the previous responders link to the soundtrack and listen to Earache My Eye and see if this is the correct music. The record can be found on scambay now and again.