Something's Gotta Give


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I'm looking for the title of a song from "S'sGG" movie, which I think is not on the soundtrack (or am I wrong)? The song starts when Erica's sister is on a farm stand (sp) and meets the doctor (Reeves) there. The lyrics starts with "Sunday mornin' rain is fallin'" when they three sit by the table and have dinner.
As I'm not a native speaker, I could not hear what is sung after that first line. Anyone could help me? Please, please, please!!!
Something's Gotta Give

In Something's Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton, in the last 30 minutes or so there is a house party with some rap music playing in the background. This music is definitely not listed in the credits, nor in the IMDB soundtrack info on the web. The CIA (as in central intelligence agency) have been running a recruitment advert on CNN in the mornings, with a techno-ey version of this rap song (without the lyrics). Does anyone have any idea what it is?
The IMDB soundtrack listing has a song by C+C Music Factory listed - are you sure that's not it? C+C are rap, sorta.

The song might have also come from the Mastersource or Firstcom music catalogs. Lots of films use those catalogs whenever they want to get royalty-free music for unimportant scenes.
Thanks, but whilst that may be one of the soundtracks to this movie, it isn't the one I am talking about and the one I linked to a clip of.
Clip link doesn't work for me either. I clicked on the "continue download" and it just downloaded an html file to my computer -- not a MP3.

If the song isn't listed in the credits, then I'd have to agree with Eihtball -- the music is probably from a music catalog. They'd have to give credit to the song otherwise.
I dunno if you're still looking for it, but I finally found it. It's called "For Sho", and it's from the Mastersource music catalog, as I suspected.
At the very beginning of Something's Gotta Give there's this rap song with the chorus: "Come my lady, come come my lady..."

does anyone know the name of this song?