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:cry: :!@#$: <_< :angry: :blink: :wacko: :annoyed: okay. i heard this song on the radio but i don't know what kind of station it was. i think it was an oldie station but it went something like "there's nobody else like you" and that's all i got unfortunately..... :banghead: it was kinda catchy and i think i might have heard it before but it's driving me nuts so any help would definitely be appreciated........:peace: :eek:k:
was the singer male or female?

btw, i love your use of smilies! :naughty:
:rolleyes: :blush: thanks. well, i'm pretty positive it was a male......but i don't know who it is. it's so frustrating! :ermm:
Could it be Happy Together by the Turtles? Are the vocals mostly solo or is it a group?
lol...i love that song from the turtles...that might be it...give it a try :)
Hey prod, are you the prod that got banned from the depthcore forums? am the only prod i have met possible...i dont remember...i dont get banned that went to a lot of SW forums...HP forums...and LOTR forums...and some others...I dont remember the name of that forum...wat was it about?
nope...never been there...sorry...

i would really like to meet this other prod...i have been isnig the sn prod for 5 yrs now...

how is the other prod like?lolz...
Well he did get banned from one of meanest forums I've ever been to so...

Settle patsy, have some oats.
Patsy NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh No!!! My beloved patsy has vanished!!! Why?!?!?!