Some kind of insane, fast, crazy tune!!!!!!&#3


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Okay! My second post! I'm here once against to demand another catchy tune I heard on a car commerical then give a rediculously vague description of it. Please, help me out again here. I heard a song. It's really fast. It sounds like "do look at do do do do do something.." and then it goes into all these sounds like "maka chacka lacka blinga blinga..something bout the flavor....tooy rooty shooby looby kooby looby something something..nanana -avor" OKAY SO I DON'T KNOW THE WORDS!!! But it's really fast sounding. In the commercial I think there are a group of ppl driving in a car through a tunnel, and after one of the verses a girl in the car laughs kinda quickly. like "Ah hah, ha" Then the song comes on again I think, then the end of the commercial. Eeee...that was probably too lame of a description to tell me anything. Sorry. I'd appriciate any help.
Is this a recent ad? Do you remember when/where you saw it?

Male or female vocals? What kind of music/genre is it?

Do you remember any more details on the ad -- what did the girl look like, other people in the car, etc...??
by the sound of your lyrics lol.. it is One Week by BNL
Ooh, I bet you're right. That song was in a Mitsubishi ad a few years ago. You can listen to an audio sample of "One Week" here, track 4.