Some bodybuilding song

that was different...well i dont know the song...but i heard a couple of sample in it...near the beginning just after he says he is from russia...sounded like planet rock by afrika bambata....then near the end it sounded like herbie hancocks rockit

thats all i got
yes it did sound like planet rock just after he said he was from russia...but there is one more song right after that (right around past the half way mark, after the loud explosion queue), cant seem to find it.
yea he is pretty buff. but thats not my concern ;)
listen carefully to the part approx 2/3 of the way thru the video (you'll know, its the catchiest part)
Does anyone know the second part of the song in this video?I know the first one is Die Roboter by Kraftwerk,but the second one is impossible to find.By second, I mean the part after he shoots himself in the head.Thanx,enjoy the video
Video link:
In this thread somebody said they thought it sounded like "Rockit" by Herbie Hancock? I'd say the record skip/scratch part at the end kinda does, but that'd be about it... :huh:

Good Luck~
yea i requested this song a while back, but to no avail, no one seems to know what that second part is. I'm still trying to find out myself. But for sure, the middle part is not herbie hancock. I also posted this request in several other forums, but no one seems to know what this mysterious (and catchy) song is. Some people speculate it was made uniquely by some DJ at that body building competition. Russian techno buffs don't seem to know what it is either... If you find anything, please post it :)
I'm thinking this song must be a Kraftwerk song...but thats only speculation...any kraftwerk buffs out there think this sounds familiar?
I was thinking maybe if you can decipher what the guy says after the bodybuilder shoots himself in the head (kind of sounds like "crush it" or "check it"), you might be able to get a lead somewhere.
Lets see, golden glove boxer, assasin.

Um, works for the gov.

I would say....

Mr. Smith you are.
i loved both of those movie's... :D :D , but it was a little bit far fetched. <_<
yeah but its you. You sit and wonder why you know that guy over there weighs 185lbs, that you can run two miles, and jump tall buildings in a single bound.

*Everybody falls the first time*