So what is it?


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This doesn't really fit under the other categories so i'm listing it here..

was recently in a hostel in san fran sat in the lounge, and this song played that was like, wowowowowo loved it.. but don't know what it is and hoping someone can help. i don't have much to go on, but here it is:

sort of dancey.. light drum n bass, but not REALLY.. sounded almost kind of jungley/sex.. very repetitive.. and it was instrumental aside from ONE line, which was only said once.. 'aint got nobody baby'.. and i wouldn't even swear to that part, because i stepped outside half a second and was listening to it through a door

and it's NOT lou bega or the original song that lyric came from
i have heard a similar instrumental one. it was reggae, can't remember the title... :(

i always thought your avatar is smiling, but now i see that is his nose... :p