Snickers Marathon commercial for energy bar


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Anyone know the orchestral song played during the beginning of the commercial, when it shows all sorts of physical activities? Snowboarder, weight lifter, mountain climber.....anyway, it's a famous song from the sound of it....I just can't put my finger on it. If you know what it is, I'd love to know too. Thanks!
It came in the movie Casino. It was the part in the very begining where Sam Rothstine got blown up. If you have the DVD look up the song in the credits.
No, it turned out it wasn't from the soundtrack. The one in Casino has the choir and is very heavy sounding, and made for the movie. The one in the snickers commercial has no vocals, and sounds like it's from a famous composer. Like hearing moonlight sonata in a commercial or something....anyway, not Casino, but something else....anyone know?
Like many classical pieces there are many versions of the same song, some are with an orchestra, some are with a choir, some have both. The song from the Snickers commercial is the same song as in Casino. If you don't believe me you can download the song and hear it for yourself.

"Wir setzen uns mit Thraenen nieder"
from Johann Sebastian Bach, St. Matthew Passion <--a famous composer
i know it's a beethoven cuz i have it on a cd somewhere
however i can't recall the title. sorry. ;)
Not to be argumentative Igor but direwolfi is absolutely correct. It is Bach and it is from "St. Matthews Passion." Trust me on this ;)
then i don't think we're talking about the same piece
of music here. i'm familiar with St. Mathews Passion
and that isn't it.....i'm sure it's beethoven. now i gotta
go and dig out that damn cd :blink:
Just recently Snickers aired a second commercial for their marathon bar. The song they used in the second commercial is different than the first commercial for that energy bar. However the first commercial (aired sometime Dec early Jan) was from St. Matthews Passion.
Ahhhhhh, well then we have two seperate pieces of music. I've only heard the one. But that would explain alot :lol:
the 2nd is from Beethoven 7th symphony
(A major, op. 92) 2nd movement (Allegretto)

the 1st was indeed from Bach (BWV 244)
Matthaus Passion last chorus "Wir setzen"

let's stay tuned for the 3rd one...