Snickers "Instant Def"


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Question 1: Does anyone know what this is? Is it a commercial? A TV show? Its the Black Eyed Peas...did they re-name theirselves? Last I heard they brokeup. Is it a Snickers ad? Im so confused...

Question 2: What the song the 'Black Eyed Peas' are singing in this ad?
Here is a link to a full explanation of the Snickers "Instant Def" site:

In a nutshell: ", Fergie, Taboo and star as hip hop superheroes Instant Def in a series of five digi-sodes at"

"The web-based program is an effort by Snickers to appeal to the influential
teen market via a series of digital films complete with futuristic story
lines, comic-book style graphics and an all-star cast."

I do not have any info on the theme song yet.
This is from the BEP's official website

"Click to be the first to watch The Peas in the first of five digisodes as Instant Def, defenders of old school hip hop. also created the brand new, never before heard song for the series of digital short films."
Wow thanks guys. Ya, I see 'Instant Def' has a music Myspace now. There, they have the song called "Instant Def" :eek:
Im sure it will leak soon enough.