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I just saw the movie Sin City in Vancouver, Canada and an ad that played beforehand for Smart Set had a great song. However, the only lyrics I remember are something like "you are beautiful" and nothing I found on Google matched up.

The web site in the ad is here, but it doesn't play or list the right song.

Anyone know the song/artist?

We would like to thank you for taking the time to send us your comments.

As for your question about the song that is played in our new commercial, I regret to inform you that the song that we use was written especially for us and is not available to the public.

Please visit us again at for always up to date information.

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Smart Set

Too bad about the song

Thanks for looking into that sophist. Much appreciated!
Hey Guys !!!!!

GREAT NEWS !!!!!!!!!! I just went on the smart set site and you can actualy dowload the songs directly form the site now !!! WOO HOO !!!!!!!

go to the site:
go to "fun extras", "Advertising campaign" and then you will see a section for dowload music.

ENJOY !!!!!
OK. So I am very late on this. Is it possible to still get this song from the website? I can't find the links mentioned.