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Looking for the name of the song on a Skechers commercial. The song has a Moby feel to it with like a hip-hop twist, and there is a person singing "Da . . . da beat . . . da da . . . da beat." If anyone can help out that would be tremendous.

P.S. I'm sure I shouldn't be asking for a song if I can't even name what I heard it on, but there is a song that goes "da da da duda allllllright da da da duda." If anyone knows of that one it would be great!!!!!!!!!!!! They play it a lot as background music for MTV and all those types of shows.
Is the Skechers commercial the one featured on their website? (Click on TV Commercials and then "The Beat" ad.)
I'd love to tell you if it is the song but unfortunately I can't seem to get the website up and running . . . but I am pretty sure it is the song featured in that commercial "The Beat". Do you know what the name of the song is?????
i think shes at a skate park by herself and shes like moving around and like a voice in the background is saying something and the some mixtape sound goes off it's an old skechers commercial plz help me
i think shes wit some other ppl and their on a car or something. but at they have the video im talking about but with an alternate song. the song im tlkn bout was from like early last year or 2 years ago
Originally posted by Tamsin@Mar 14 2005, 11:01 PM
Well I dug up this old thread on it,but it's inconclusive...
...inconclusive until today! ;)
The song used in the old commercial "Da, Da Beat, Da Da, Da Beat" is "Woman In Blue" by Pepe Deluxe. It's also known as "Before You Leave" on various Import compilations, but that version is slightly different than the original.
Almost 10 years ago you posted this and were looking for was "da, da Beat". And now after a huge gap of time Im just confusing if I really saw this!!