skate video music -- Answered


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I heard this song on a skate video and I never found it. It is hard because it is all instrumental. It's a long shot but I thouhgt I would see if anyone can get this one. I have a link if you want to here the song and see if you can figure it out.
Click on the link below and at the top of the page click VIDEO then when the options drop down click VISUALS then select your speed HIGH SPEED or STANDARD then on the left there will be a list of videos, click on the on that says JOSH KALIS:THE VERDICT - don't worry this will not take forever to download, it is a very short clip and should only take a few seconds. This song sounds very similar to a song by DELTRON 3030 called 3030(instrumental) but its not the same song. Good luck with it< I hope some one knows this song or could figure it out because it is a very cool song. Thanx
I finally found it - Sixtoo - Duration Project Part 9