Skate Promo Song

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I really wanted to know the name of a song that i fell in love with while watching a video on youtube. I asked the person who posted it on youtube but they said that they did not make the video, could anyone help me find out the name of the song??

The song is very ambient. And something that sticks out about it is the warped, distorted kind of ringing that takes place a few seconds into the song.

some of the lyrics sound like:

"ive siad what ive said but id tell you"
"you were just looking for everything,
ive said what ive siad but you know what i mean,
but i still cnat think about her..."
(the underline whas somewhat screamed)

Search: aweosme skate promo
Then click on the first video titled: awesome skateboarding promo
The description will talk about how the guy who upoladed it didnt make it.

If you might have any idea about this song please reply. I would really appreciate it.