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What are all the songs in Silent Hill, or at least the composer. What i'm really looking for is the piano song they play from time to time, like when the main girl finds some weird on fire 8 year old. please help
well on, it says that jeff danna and akira yamaoka both did the music for the film. jeff danna did music for some other movies and tv shows, but akira yamaoka did all the music for the video games of silent hill. i can't seem to find an actual soundtrack to the movie online, but i agree that it was very good, especially that piano piece. i think we might have to wait a little bit until they release one. i'll keep checking of course.
I do know that one of the trailers used music from the 1st Silent Hill game. So you may want to check out the game soundtracks too.
sounds like your talking about magdeline from the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack

there was a remixed version in the movie
I'm looking for the last song in the movie, it was the one with lyrics but I can't recall any that stuck out. I really liked the music in the film and I think they should come out with a soundtrack.
As for the piano stuff, almost all of the instrumental score of Silent Hill came from the soundtracks of the games. What I'm more curious about is if anyone knows the artists and titles of the few songs that actually had lyrics to them. The first was in the car just before the crash, the song had a female singer and was playing before the radio started giving out. The next, of course, was Ring of Fire. Love that tune. Then there was the one you mentioned, near the end.

Anybody know what these songs were?
Your not here - From Silent Hill 3 soundtrack
Theme of Laura - From Silent Hill 2 soundtrack

I doubt there will be an actual soundtrack since most of the music used were from the games.
Here is a list of what was played in the movie. Found this list

Silent Hill"-the song played during the opening Tri-Star logo

"Ordinary Vanity" (SH2)-when Rose and Chris are holding Sharon with the cross in the background

"The Day Of Night" (SH2)-Rose standing on the streets just before she spots Sharon running towards the alley

"Killed By Death"-When Rose notices Sharon has left the car after waking up, and when the bathroom is changing

"Innocent Moon" (SH3)-Also when Rose is standing on the streets

"A Stray Child" (SH3)-when Rose walks towards the edge of the road, before she meets Dahlia

"Laura Plays The Piano" (SH2)-when Rose and Sharon are under the tree

"Betrayl" (SH2)-the clanking music that plays when the grey children sneak up on Rose in alley

"For All"-played when Pyramid Head shows up while Rose is crying in the hall

"I'll Kill You"-played in the hotel (they were running when this played, maybe after Alessa)

"All"-also in the hotel

"The Darkness That Lurks In Our Minds" (SH2)-the patient demon scene with Rose and Cybil on the street

"Fermata In Mistic Air" (SH2)-if my memory is correct, this plays during the Alessa flashback

"Don't Cry"-when the janitor comes to life

"Magdalene" (SH2)-at the end when their leaving the town, I think

"Only You"-in the hotel, when Rose says the apocalypse is here

"Moonchild"-when rose spots the miners and locks herself in the bathroom

"Dance With Night Wind" (SH3)-when the cult leads Rose and Cybil down the church steps to go to the hospital

"Never Again 2"-the sound effect used when everything goes dark when the otherworld invades

"Wounded Warsong" (SH4)-this is said to play when Rose is trying to find the directions to the school

"Lost Carol" (SH3)-the last song played in the movie, when it's raining outside of the house

"You're Not Here"(SH3)-played after the credits

"Tears Of..."-second credits song

"Theme Of Laura" (SH2)-third credits song
Does ANYONE know where I can find the Silent Hill movie soundtrack listings.
I want that one song especially of when the woman is driving in her car and there is a song on where a woman is singing and then the cop starts her siren.


I found the song.
If anyone would like to know it's called Letters - From The Lost Days.
It's the Silent Hill 3 intro song to the game soundtrack. The artist name is "Akira Yamaoka."
:) you're welcome, and for the name cause I didn't know the title :lol:
Can someone tell me where I can find a listing of all the tracks used in the movie Silent Hill.
I know that they are taken from all the games but it's way to complicated to figure out which ones were used.
i'm not sure at what point in the movie it si, but it's when she's walking with the church lady in blue and the guys that dress up in those combine outfits, they're walking from the church to go to the elevator that goes to the dark place or whatever

anyway, it's a view of the cementary and the church, with an instrumental song playing until they get to the other building
What was the beat of the song like. If it had a hip hop beat with piano and violin sounds then it is track #32 off of the Unofficial Soundtrack. It's Akira Yamaoka - "To The Demon's Lair".
Thanks for your help with the artist!

It turns out it was actually "dance with night wind" by Akira Yamaoka
Your welcome. That movie has a lot of good music on the score. The songs from the movie also seem to have different titles which is confusing too. There is an official title by the artist and then the unofficial title based on the part of the movie the song played. The songs were also featured in the video games. The song I was talking about is the right song just the wrong title based on the source.