"Shifting City" car ad (Aaaarrggghh!!)


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I have never found it so difficult to find a tv ad online in my life! It's the one that has the two cars, I think one of them is silver, and the other red. They are racing through the streets of a CG city, and the streets are shifting, creating obstacles that the cars are narrowly avoiding, and there's big giant chunks of buildings falling and crashing into the streets, and the two cars barely escape the city. Ad name?? Song name?? Is it even a car ad???? I used to see it almost on a daily basis like, 1-2 months ago....

Driving me crazaaayyy!!!! :cry:
Again, I don't know if it's a car ad or something else, but it's the only one like it, that I've seen anyways...other than that VW Tiguan commercial, but it's got that same kind of moving city look to it.

Oh, and yes, all I want is the music, so if anyone knows the song(sorry, can't remember one beat of it) that'd be splendidly awesome. ;)
I don't know...flash won't work on my phone...but is it the one with the morphing car? Because it's not that one.
Two cars are racing through the streets of a CG city while big blockades are pushing up through the street, and big chunks of the buildings are pushing out and falling down, slicing into the street, all the while the cars are avoiding all the obstacles that are coming up & falling down.
The main car of the ad is a red 4-door sedan and the minor car is a white or silver sedan. I'm 99% sure it's not a a scion commercial, but I'll check that one when I get a chance.