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OK, put on your thinking caps for this one. Years ago, possibly 5, maybe 6, Serta mattress had a series of commercials involving dreams. One particular one had a woman who was at this ocean side home in the backyard with a gazeebo. There is a voice over where she's describing her dream where she's serving tea to one of the characters from Planet of the Apes and her high school sweetheart. In this ad they play the song "Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland"... but I don't know who sings the song. Every time I try to search for it I get many results, but never the right woman singer. Any help...?
Another one of the commercials had a woman in a pool and I remember a ladder rises out of the water, and I think a pocket watch floats to the bottom of the pool. Same aesthetic, with a voice over talking about a dream... the song in this one is completely unknown to me... I think the lyrics involved something like "I had a dream and it was of you, it was the best dream..."
Another woman singer... maybe the same woman... anyone who has any info on this would blow my mind.
I don't know if we are looking for the same thing, but I remember a song on one of the Serta commercials and I have been looking for it ever since. I don't know if it had words or not. The commercial I remember had shots of the dark night sky and bright moon, among other things that I don't really remember, like maybe a shot of a cozy little house or a shot of the moon through the window of a bedroom, etc. The song was something of a lullaby and it went like this:

Bb CBb repeat, etc
(Note one: the bolded notes are held for longer)
(Note two: the C in the first line is the one right above the first A, and the E is the one below the first A.
The C in the second line is the one below the first A.
The A in the third line is the octave below the opening A and the notes in the last line are right next to that lower A, if all of that that makes any sense.)

There is probably a better way to do the notation like this but I don't know how. I just want to find out what the song is.

I wrote this from memory so I don't know how accurate my notation is, and I'm not too sure that the last three notes are right.

Other things I know about my song:

When I saw the episode of the X-Files called "Kaddish" (Season 4, ep. 15) I thought the song where they are at the grave site (with a little girl in a red coat in an homage to Schindler's List ) reminded me of the Serta song I am looking for.

I've only seen the episode once so I may be mistaken in thinking that the music in it is similar to the Serta song, but I do know that Schindler's List was an influence on both the episode and the music in the episode as well, so maybe that is what I was thinking of instead. At the very least I know that the episode aired February 16, 1997, so the commercial had to be older than that, because when I saw the X-Files episode, I thought, "Hey...".

Also, according to, the music in the X-Files episode was not only influenced by John Williams' Schindler's List music, but this site says, "Also elements of Fantasy On Greensleeves by Ross Vaughn Williams sound similar." I tried to look this up on Amazon and it led me to (click for amazon page link) which lists Ralph Vaughn Williams as composer and Ross Pople as conductor. One of the songs on the album that came up on Amazon is called "Fantasia on Greensleeves" but hearing the sample of it didn't tell me anything other than that it is a takeoff of "Greensleeves" (obviously).

I may be drifting further away from the song in the Serta commercial by mentioning this X-Files song similarity, but I had to put this down in case it helped anyone. Like I said, I've only seen the X-Files episode once and I don't really remember if it truly is similar to the Serta song or if I got it mixed up with the Schindler's list music in my head.

To recap: I am also looking for some of the music in one of the Serta commercials. I don't know if it is the same music you are thinking of or not. The music I heard was very dreamy and somewhat slow (not "Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland", but maybe the other one?) and I am not sure if my song had words or not.

I've managed to track down the Serta 'Dreamland' commercial to which MrTopHat is referring.

It can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

The other commercial is entitled 'Pool'. The song used is 'You Tell Me Your Dream, I'll Tell You Mine'.

The closest rendition I can find to the one in the ad is by Connie Francis.

Listen to her version here (Disc 3, Track 22).