Sega Mega CD trailer


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What is the name/artist of the guitar track that plays while it shows you clips from Sega Mega Drive games? (eg. Sonic, Alien 3, Moonwalker...)
This promo video is quite old I know, so I've recorded the track in question from the tape if that helps.
Mega CD Promo [32 kbs]
Edit: Apologies for poor quality, only have a crap mp3 player to record with
Other notes:
The video is basically some rather pretty woman who is meant to represent a Mega CD walking around what looks like a prison cell, with a long-haired dude sitting on a chair in the middle.
The woman disappears at the end and the guy wakes up in a sweat from the intense action of the Mega CD :rolleyes:
(Lots of clips of games like Night Trap, Sewer Shark, Batman Returns etc)
Sewer Shark! That game was sweet. No idea on the song though. :rolleyes:

Sounds kinda like U2. :huh:
Sewer Shark was cool :D
I still have that game along with Night Trap and others..
Anyway well, I need a U2 expert perhaps? :(