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What's the song used in the brand-new deodorant commercial where the woman makes up excuses to show off her 'pits? Thanks in advance for the help!
I've seen this commercial several times too and am wondering what the song is as well. Some of the lyrics say something like "put your hands up in the air". It sounds like it could be produced just for the clip but it would be nice if it was a full song.
I just searched a little more and I think the song is : Fergie - "Get Your Hands Up". But i'd have to see the commercial again to verify.
I saw the commercial again and I don't think it is Fergie. The song in the commercial sounds similar with the lyrics but the song is more pop/dance/alternative as opposed to the fergie song being more hop hopish.
OOOH I hate this ad, but the song is cool. I am wondering if this is the same tune Fox used for "COPS" a few months ago? It was a rap tune, with lyrics something like "1,2,3,4,5 hands up"...
I HATE THIS COMMERCIAL! But the deodorant is quite nice. The lyrics, all they say are put your hands up...and def. not Fergie.
Oh, oh yes let me be quite clear the COMMERCIAL is obnoxious as all get-out. :sick: :!@#$: :banghead:
But the *song* kind of rocks... :whistle: :unsure: