Sea World

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Probably the right song -- it's the only one I've been seeing again recently.

Also discussed previously in this old thread.
do you know the ad for sea world its like crazy singing and stuff its in the ad for the resort
:D No problem.

When you search for topics, go as general as you can. For instance, to get the link I sent you to, I went to search, typed in (*not* where google is, but below, in the keyword search) "sea world", and 2 results came up.
Looking for the name of a song that I believe was used in a hair commercial 5+years ago.. I can't remember many details other than it was a female vocalist, the commercial featured I believe a woman dancing with a blue background and swirls etc.

The song began with what I can only describe as vowel sounding sounds.. I can't even remember if it had actual words.

It was an upbeat song.
Still looking for this song--

Want to say the title is one word like "Heaven," "Dream" "believe" etc..

Any ideas guys??

The song is called the Child inside. However now I have no idea what commercial it was part of.