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does anybody know the what the name of the song and the artist from the new Sea World commercial
Thanks :wink:
INXS -- "New Sensation"

Qkumba Zoo -- "The Child (Inside)"

is it either of these, by any chance?
Anyone know the name of the song played in the latest Seaworld commercials?
As far as I can tell, there are no words that are intelligable. LOL. Mostly atmospheric music.
as far as i can decipher it is qkumba zoo's "child inside" it's definitely not insx. i have seen the commercial but the sample clip i found at didn't have the first part of the song
Here's an audio clip for Qkumba Zoo which has definately been used in older Seaworld commercials but I haven't seen the latest one so I can't contribute other than providing some audio. The sample isn't the same as the commercial but you should get the gist.
Anyone out there one know what song is in the new Sea World commercial?
Hello Folks:

Here is the skinny direct from Sea World Regarding this song as it is a pain in the ass to find.

Title: "The Child Inside"

By: Qkumba Zoo- group out of South Africa

Written by: Kevin Heyenrych and Jeanne Swait

CD: "Wake up and Dream" from Arista Records

This is the only Album with this specific mix of Child (inside) on it.

Hope this helps!
Sounds like an african dance song or something. Its a sea world commercial that shows a bunch of kids looking at the animals, like a polar bear swimming by a tank. I think theres another person trying to find the same song. Ive heard it like 20 times so its still pretty new.
Have you seen that Sea World commercial, the one with the pretty music? Is that a real song that can be dowloaded somewhere or is it just for the commercial? Yea, it might be weird, but i like it and i want it! its the song that sounds like chanting kinda by a women..she doesnt even say anything except ..."hey la la " something like that! Could i get it somewhere??? i dont know if anyone knows, just thought i'd might try :D