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It was a good movie, but I was wondering if the music used near the end of the movie (when Sean Astin reverses time and comes out of the pool) is music that was made for the movie or if it was taken from another artist? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Just saw the slipstream a scifi picture, i was really impressed event tho i caught the last like 45 minutes of it. Anyway, i was wondering if anyone caught the song that played when they were in the plane after she FBI agent says she will take care of getting the guys attention, during this "sean astin" tries to get the little machine and then tries to get it to go back in time. Songs like one that makes you want to know what happesn next, had a lyric at the end of it just couldnt figure out who it was. To help the song plays right before the seen titled "Jet Into Nowhere" Go HERE Click on MP3's and click demo of "jet into nowhere" and you should be able to know the song that played befoer it if you knew it. Thanx hope somone can help.
well if anyone else was wondering i believe i found it, i might be wrong, but i believe the music is made by Rob Lord, who made the music himself. I am not a hundred percent sure. Most likely it was made by him tho.