SBC "Be There" olympics ad

since you are linking to the site of the visual production company who did the commercial, why don't you just ask them... they would be your best source.
That company built a credits page for the spot but did not include the music or the actor so I get the impression that they don't know or don't care to share that particular information.

By posting the question at Adtunes, I am asking a *community* of 5000+ for help instead of begging one indifferent company to share what they could have offered, and maybe in the process contributing to that community.

C'mon, share the love. Anybody?
It never hurts to email the company and ask them directly. A majority of people give answers on here, because they've gotten a response from the company/agency who told them.
For anyone who might want to help but not use the link, I am asking about the commercial where the boy is floating in the pool at the diving competition, running backwards at a track race, and gets bounced off the air bag by a pole vaulter and lands in his chair in front of the TV. The song is kind of poppy like the Polyphonic Spree (without the choir) or something happy by Wilco.
Yeah, the tune is very catchy and I would like to know what it is too. Anyone know?
We're willing to help, but you disregarded a good suggestion by heretohelp. I listened to the ad before, but don't know the music. Since it seems you don't want to email Method Studios, I emailed them. Will let you know if I get a response.
It's "Operation Big Beat" by From Bubblegum to Sky on the album "Nothing Sadder Than Lonely Queen".

michelle, i am puzzled by your admonitions. I'm a new member, I read the FAQ, made sure I asked a new question, and posted 100% of the evidence I had. And, in fact, emailed the ad agency, just not the DFX company that had the link (yet, but I would have if necessary). Nonetheless, heretohelp tells me to look elsewhere, and you back him up. It is not a very friendly introduction to the forum.
Originally posted by obc_std@Aug 19 2004, 04:28 PM
It's "Operation Big Beat" by From Bubblegum to Sky on the album "Nothing Sadder Than Lonely Queen".
I'm glad you found the song you were looking for. Where did you find the information?

michelle, i am puzzled by your admonitions. [snip] ... It is not a very friendly introduction to the forum.
I'm sorry you feel like you were "admonished" or that the forum was being unfriendly. However, someone offered a suggestion on how to find the song you were looking for, you seemed to disregard it, an admin pointed out that it was a good method, offered to help and did the emailing for you, and yet you still feel slighted. There's no need to feel ambivalence towards people trying to help you -- it's not a series of "admonitions". It might be better to draw conclusions about how friendly the forum is after spending a bit more time here. It may be more friendly (or less?) than you think. ;)

Take care,
The ad agency, GSD&M, gave me the artist and song information. I added the album name after checking amazon. Now I have found the whole song online at eenie meenie records and it turns out that's a remix in the commercial.